Romantic relationships and partnerships can bring us joy and peace in life, allow us to become better versions of ourselves, and help us through difficult times. Many of us, however, have difficulty maintaining relationships due to the fear of disappointing those we love, nervousness about future rejection, worry about becoming too dependent, uncertainty about how to connect physically or emotionally, or struggling to effectively communicate what we need. As a result, we find ourselves moving from one difficult relationship to another, wondering if we will ever be able to change the pattern and find a healthy relationship.

Dr. Noah Kass, DSW, LCSW, Dr. Samantha Gaies, Ph.D and Dr. Sara Glazer, Psy.D work with people who struggle with relationship or sexual difficulties by helping them face their fears and understand the reasons why they push people away or attract the wrong people. They have researched and trained in the ways in the which a lack of effective communication, an insecure sense of self, worrying too much about the future, and a lack of reciprocal trust can affect relationship dynamics. Their extensive knowledge of what is healthy in relationships and what is not also helps people evaluate when to walk away from relationships that are hurting them more than helping, so they can invite better relationships into their lives.

Dr. Kass, Dr. Gaies and Dr. Glazer use a variety of therapeutic techniques with individuals or couples to help them better understand what is holding them back from feeling more secure and confident in their relationships, while using hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to uncover blocks to help the person or couple move forward. Most of us want to learn how to love fearlessly and connect with others in a more authentic way, but find ourselves holding back due to past hurts and anticipated future rejection. Our therapists use hypnosis to help heal past hurts and move past insecurity in order to encourage patients to be honest, open, and authentic with their partners. This new approach to love and relationships strengthens intimacy by encouraging connectedness instead of blaming or pushing others away.

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