ADHD & Concentration

Attention Deficit Disorder in Everyday Life

For people with attentional difficulties such as ADHD, everyday life can feel like an endless cycle of challenging tasks. You make it to your work meeting for which you prepared extensively, only to realize that you left your notes at your home. You find that your friends and family are frustrated with your forgetfulness or inconsistently, even though you feel like you are doing everything that you can to make things work. Even more confusing to most is that you may have the highest IQ, the best job or education, be the most creative person at work, and yet there are small tasks left undone or things that go missing that seem to constantly fall through the cracks.

Integrative Therapy for Distraction, Procrastination and Motivation

Dr. Sara Glazer, Ph.D uses hypnosis and therapy for attentional issues such as ADHD and difficulty concentrating. Based on her vast experience in clinical and educational settings, her method helps a person achieve a focused state through hypnosis, while also teaching individuals evidence-based clinical tools to navigate difficulties such as impulsivity, distractibility, procrastination and lack of motivation. Through this method, a person can learn how to use hypnosis as a way to free the mind of distracting thoughts that often overwhelm a person with ADHD, and learn techniques to make their lives feel easier.

Dr. Glazer does not view ADHD as a disability, but instead, as an alternative ability that can be used adaptively instead of holding a person back. She believes that many of the world's greatest thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs have all had aspects of ADHD, and that this ability to hyperfocus to the neglect of the outside world is what has given them the advantage of being able to think outside of the box. For many people with ADHD, on the other hand, it is hard to tap into the adaptive side of ADHD because they are so distracted by everyday life or have so many thoughts in so many directions that it is hard for them to focus on which one way to move forward. By integrating hypnosis with a variety of therapy techniques, Dr. Glazer helps individuals with ADHD calm their mind, identify goals, mitigate procrastination, and implement a plan moving forward so that they can have a more productive and satisfying life.

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